Advanced Statistical Physics (WS 16/17)

Prof. Dr. Matthias Sperl

Dr. Till Kranz

Announcement: Introduction to Statistical Optics

In the upcoming summer semester Dr. Philip Born offers a lecture on light scattering in complex media. If you liked statstical physics this may be interesting as well. It counts for 3 credits in the Area of Specialization Biological and Statistical Physics

Place: Seminar room 1, New Theory Building

Time: Starting Thursday April 20, 10am


Course Description

Statistical physics describes interacting systems of many degrees of freedom. Tools and concepts of statistical physics find application in condensed matter physics, but also far beyond the traditional realm of physics, in the modeling of biological, economic or social systems. This lecture course covers the basic tools of modern statistical physics as well as the required mathematical apparatus.

Topics include

Lecture (HS III)

12:00 – 13:30
10:00 – 11:30

Lecture Notes

These can also be found on Ilias

The whole script as one file

Recommended Reading


The tutorials take place on Monday. Tutorials start on October 24

Group 1Koray ├ľnderSeminarraum II. Physik12:00
Group 2Terenz FengSeminarraum I. Physik16:00
Group 3 (English)Michael BuchholdSeminarraum I. Physik17:45

Problem Sheets


Some info on the exam

To be admitted to the exam you have to

  • Gather ≥ 50% of the points from the solutions of the problem sheets; and
  • Demonstrate your solutions twice in front of the class
1st ExamTuesday 14. 2. 201713:00 – 16:00HS I
2nd ExamWednesday 5. 4. 20179:00 – 12:00HS II